Thermal Corporation of America offers an excellent new business opportunity for those who are experienced in masonry construction, insulation, homebuilding, block manufacturing, or other facets of the booming construction industry. Key market  areas are still available for companies who would like to become Certified THERMCO® contractors.

The Thermal Corporation of America Certified Independent Contractor package includes:

  • The complete pumping system, including two application guns, hoses, lines, fittings, and a complete service and maintenance tool kit.
  • Your own "Primary Area of Responsibility" in which no other contractor will be set up by Thermal Corporation of America.
  • A complete marketing program staffed by a full time, national representative for technical support and new project lead generation.
  • A THERMCO® FOAM contractor identity program which includes the use of our logo, custom brochures, video's, specification sheets, SWEET'S Catalog Reprints, our own web entry on the THERMCO® FOAM Web Page.
  • Experienced Field Certification Trainers.

  • The most complete and up-to-date testing package in the industry, including:
  • UL Classification as to Surface Burning Characteristics: 92NK18224.
  • Fire Testing on Concrete Block Wall Systems.
  • ASTM tests covering Thermal Conductivity, Physical Properties, Fire Wall Ratings, Sound.
  • Control, Air Quality Measurements, and more.

In addition to state-of-the-art equipment, training schools, and promotional materials, THERMCO®
contractors benefit from over thirty years of foam insulation experience.

For more information on how your company can become part of this booming industry, please email us.

          Thermal Corporation of America
          1405 West Washington
          Mount Pleasant, Iowa  52641.

    Thermal Corporation of America     1-888-385-FOAM(3626)